We have developed our own business analysis best practices, set forth by the main certifying bodies (IIBA, PMI, IREB, IQBBA, IPMA), which form the basis of our consultants’ training and certification.

Implementing these best practices allows us to considerably secure projects and enables our consultants to: 

  •  get up and running and learn the business quickly, 
  • challenge business lines on the relevance and limitations of their solutions, 
  • develop rigor for project steering and deliverable writing, 
  • unify stakeholders. 

All our missions are guaranteed by a SLA (Service Level Agreement)

Our commitments

1/ Preserved goals 

Your business issues are clearly defined, shared by everyone, and preserved until the solution is implemented.

2/ Quality documentation 

Your documents are written clearly and concisely and can be understood by all parties involved. 

3/ Shared best practices 

Regardless of your business field, homogeneous, repeatable practices enable you to build metrics and secure your projects. 

4/ Efficient risk management 

Reduce your risks and keep costs and deadlines under control. 

5/ Unified teams 

Your project teams (businesses, IT, contractors) are united around a shared vision. 

6/ Satisfied employees 

Your employees are involved and enjoy implementing BA best practices.