The experience of Telys consultants as well as their collective and individual skills combine to help you with strategy, cohesion, or team coordination issues when you are dealing with major stakes. 

Our senior consultants have varying profiles. They are CIOs, research managers, method coaches, co-construction and/or brainstorming workshop leaders. They implement techniques and methods adapted to your transformation needs: Agile method implementation guidance, RFPs, implementation of a new strategic plan, reorganization, process re-engineering, IS masterplan redesign, etc. 

A human-centered approach, excellent customer service and collective intelligence development means all parties are united around common goals. Creating meaning and aligning key players in the process are essential points to masterfully handling any major transformation project. 

Telys helps you frame, implement and steer your transformation, while offering comfort and serenity for your company’s success. 

Feel free to contact us to speak about your goals. We will help you find the best way to initiate and implement your projects.