Our trainers

Antoine – Associate director and project director, with Telys since 2007 

Several hundred IT professionals (CIO, Project managers and directors) have been trained by Antoine in business analysis best practices. The disciplines he teaches are project steering, requirement gathering, deliverable writing, and modeling. 

Antoine is passionate and full of energy. He is the former CIO of Louvre Hotels and a graduate of one of France’s best engineering schools: Centrale Paris. Participants greatly enjoy his dynamic, intense training sessions.

Here’s what our clients have to say about Antoine: 

“Very targeted feedback and very professional. We should have done this training a long time ago!” (DDS Logistics) 

“Specialized, conscientious trainer—the practical situation exercises were very interesting.” (Yves Rocher) 



Arnaud – Senior consultant and training manager, with Telys since 2009 

Arnaud is specialized in deliverable writing methods and holds a PhD in French modern literature. His training is focused on coherence between substance and style so that the requirement appears clear and thorough to anyone reading it, regardless of their level of involvement in the project or their experience with documentation. 

Here’s what our clients think of Arnaud’s training: 

“Thorough and interesting” (CM-CIC) “A trainer who masters the subject matter” (Saint-Gobain) “In-depth, constructive discussions. We left the room having acquired a plethora of new ways to improve our practices” (Céline)