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Requirement collection and formalization training

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Training goals

  • Lead efficiently requirement collection
  • Gather exhaustively the profound needs
  • Ask useful and relevant questions
  • Master the best project management practices
  • Write a high-quality deliverable (requirement specification, specifications, advisability studies, masterplans, etc.) which respects clarity, brevity, wholeness and granularity rules
  • Objectively measure your efficiency
  • Get your documents easily validated
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Who is this training program for ? 

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Why should you trust us ? 

At the end of this training, approach of needs assessment and deliverables conception will no longer be empirical:

  • You’ll dispose of an operational approach to assess real needs with precision in a short time
  • You’ll know which recent elements and method to use and how to do it efficiently
  • You’ll have rules to conceive high quality deliverables


Existing method of requirement collection and deliverables conception are essentially graphic. They too often disregard textual aspects, whereas they account for more than 80% of deliverables content. This training will enable you to fill this gap and to dispose of an additional method focused on textual parts.

Training program


Profound need VS superficial needs
Specific questioning
Group requirement collection technique
Requirement approach
Progress indicators and associated metrics


Formalization rules
Defect detection techniques
Competitive techniques of defect resolution
Required detail degree
Necessary key sections
Incremental specification technique
Deliverables validation
Progression indicators and associated metrics

This training is eligible to the CPF